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  Emperor Napoleon arriving in Amsterdam, October 9, 1811

Welcome to the genealogical chart of the families Brandt, van Elten, Joubert and Arella !

The above painting, The Arrival Of Napoleon In Amsterdam, by the Flemish painter Matthieu van Bree, illustrates a period in which the Netherlands were part of the French Empire and reminds me of the merger of the Dutch and French nationalities in my children.

I started the work on this fourfold family tree in 2010, in order for my offspring to know their relatives more easily, spread as they are over the Netherlands, France and other countries. It was first published on the internet in 2011. The tree is based on the families of my children's grandparents: Brandt, van Elten, Joubert and Arella. Included as well are the other families appearing in the ancestor tables of my wife and myself, going back four generations.

The Brandts and van Eltens have German origins. The Jouberts have always been French. The Arellas came from Italy:

- The oldest known Brandt ancestor, Johan Henrich, was born in 1660 in Neuenkirchen (Oldenburg, Niedersachsen). His ancestors cannot be traced as all older records were destroyed by the Danish in the Thirty Year's War (1618-1648). His grandson Johan Hermann emigrated between 1782 and 1785 to the Republic of the United Netherlands, which was about to become the Batavian Republic, a client state of the French Republic. He settled in Hoorn.

- Ariaen Baerentszen ("son of Baerent", without a fixed family name) was born around 1669 in Elten, a village in the municipality of Emmerich am Rhein, situated at the time in Brandenburg-Prussia, and nowadays in the state of North Rhine-Westphalia, Federal Republic of Germany. He emigrated between 1688 and 1699 to the Republic of the United Netherlands and settled in Amsterdam, where he acquired the family name van Elten ("from Elten", his home town).

- The Jouberts are an old French family from the Dauphiné. The oldest holder of the name Joubert we were able to trace, Daniel, was born around 1670 in Chalençon (Drôme). The branch presented here has had an interim period in French Algeria (1897-1962).

- The Arellas originate from Serra d'Aiello (Cosenza, Italy). The oldest holder of the name Arella we were able to trace, Gioacchino, was born before 1770. Two of his great-grandsons migrated to French Algeria around 1885, where they acquired the French nationality. Their descendants fled to France in 1962, at the end of the war of independence.

The most elaborate family tree is that of the Brandt family, largely due to the efforts of my great-uncle Petrus Joannes (Piet) Brandt who, as far as possible, has traced all descendants of the oldest known ancestor. (Cf. Brandt, een genealogie. P.J. Brandt. Blokker, 1984.)
The largest part of the research of the Amsterdam branch of the van Elten family was done by my first cousin, Albert van Elten.
For data about the Jouberts prior to 1861, I thank Jean-Gabriel Bourgeois, who for ten years has researched his ancestors going back to 1564. The Bourgeois were linked by marriage to the Jouberts.
For the ascendants of Pierre Emile Daures originating in 1714, I thank Max Puech. The Daures family was linked by marriage to the both the Arellas and the Jouberts; the Puech family was linked by marriage to the Arellas.

Corrections and additions are most welcome.

Hermes Brandt, Amsterdam, the Netherlands.
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